Egypt: CLUSTER4GREEN launches sustainable investment framework pitching competition


Federation of Egyptian Industries Member of CLUSTER4GREEN project financed by the European Union. The Federation of Egyptian Industries is participating as one of the implementers of the project “promoting Innovative clusters and value chain of SMEs for sustainable development-CLUSTER4GREEN”.

Date and Location: 14th of March, 2023. Cairo.   

Project Name: Promoting innovative clusters and value chain of SMEs for sustainable development - CLUSTER4GREEN

Project objectives:

  • Supporting MSMEs to raise their attitude to adopt CE- innovation processes, to cooperate within clusters/ networks and to finalize international collaboration agreements to implement sustainable and Circular Economy (CE) innovation oriented processes.
  • Ensuring that public and Private investments (both foreign and local) are socially and environmentally oriented, in order to the ENI sustainable economic development.
  • Strengthening the collaboration of public private actors – even in the form of PPPs – to assure the implementation of CE practices by MSMEs and social and environmental responsible investments by public and private actors. 

Aim of the Competition

The Competition is for one day and aims to shedding light on innovations in the water, waste, energy, food, fashion and transportation sectors in Egypt.

Rationale of the Competition:

The project has work package with the purpose of creating of an ENI Med region a Sustainable Investment Pitching Competition aims to stimulate companies to be part of a continuous dynamic improvement and to encourage them to acquire a global vision and a strategy that projects them into the future.

To this end, Federation of Egyptian Industries will hold a pitching competition to launch the CLUSTER4GREEN sustainable investment framework on the 14th of March,2023. The competition focuses on rating the impacts level of these categories: economic, social, environmental & community criteria (territorial), and evaluated upon the EDILE rating tool criteria, with an identification of missing criterion to be improved.

The management of the Competition will be conducted by incubator, accelerator or entity that have previous experience in this context.

Objective of the Pitching Competition:

Make the MSMEs Business practices and business models more sustainable, by answering question in their pitch decks: what is your strategy to enhance your sustainability in these 4 categories of impact: Economic, Environmental, Social, and Territorial.

A pilot competition/award for sustainable MSMEs, with the objective to forge a sustainable programme. Three MSMEs will be selected for a chance to win a voucher of 3,000 euros to implement the EDILE rating tool with the help of an expert. 

Selection Criteria:

  • Medium sized company having 5 to 30 employees or have been operating for more than 3 years
  • MSMEs engaged in sustainability strategies
  • Operating in any sector, with an accessible product or service locally

Competition program:

  • Pitching for one and a half hour.
  • 10 MSMEs maximum selected
  • 10 minutes pitching per MSME
  • 3 MSMEs selected for the winning prize

Selection of 10 MSMEs: Call for application

  • Application form: General information about the business, innovation/green idea, assessment of general level of impact.

Online Survey:

Will be provided upon selection

Communication: Call for application

Expected out comes:

Enhance your green impact and apply now for a possibility to win a voucher of 3,000€ to work on enhancing your sustainability in these 4 categories of impact: Economic, Environmental, Social, and Territorial. Your chance to get into the green scene.

The selection process will be performed by panelist with remarkable experts in social, environmental, territorial and economic.

The competition is scheduled to take place in 14th of March, 2023 (venue is not decided) for one day.

More information about Cluster4Green is available at


1.Promotion and communication (e.g. design and printing of promotional materials like winners’ checks, competition drop down banner, online advertisement through social media, email, and other marketing software so that you may get the word out and promote for the competition.

2. Event management involves event infrastructure, outreach target competitors, selection process of the competitors based on the questionnaire responses (questionnaire will be provided upon selection, and inviting attendees for the event for more exposure. Allow attendee to register online. Check in attendees and competitors at the venue and register attendees.

3. Event Venue: The event venue is out of the offer. It will be selected by the Federation of Egyptian Industries and communicated later as the competition event will be back to back to the Congress which will be held before it.

3. Outreach of the MSMEs projects that have a sustainability aspect in these 4 categories of impact: Economic, Environmental, Social, and Territorial

4. Event logistics and resources allocation for the competition management and follow-up.

5. Technical report will be provided 10 days after the completion of the competition (template of the report provided upon selection).


We are looking forward to receiving your offer in time,