EMPHASIS highlights the 6 most challenging sustainable priorities to be solved through its Open Call!


As the EMPHASIS Partners prepare to launch the project's Open Call, the six most challenging sustainability concerns have been highlighted as top priorities for SMEs, Startups, and Spin-Offs to develop a solution.

A consortium representing the six Mediterranean countries will select the best solutions presented by applicants and will collaborate with them in new open innovation projects, providing free professional supporting services.

The following industries have been recognized as the most pressing concerns in Greece, Jordan, Spain, Lebanon, Egypt, and Italy, and will be addressed through creative solutions developed by SMEs, Startups, and Spin-Offs:

  • Improving the competitive position of agricultural crop product and livestock production in international markets
  • Improving understanding of the relationship between nutrition, health and wellness, and the consequences for the agricultural food products and foodstuffs
  • Sustainable Production
  • Valorizing food products from traditional Mediterranean die
  • Food Safety in local food chain
  • Sustainable farming systems 
Sustainable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energies
  • Sustainable Building and Cities
  • Smart Electric Grid
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy for Circular Economy
  • Energy for Transport and Mobility
  • Hydrogen for Climate Neutrality
  • Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Fossil Fuel
  • Smart communities / cities with low energy consumption and almost zero emissions 
Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Waste management
  • Prevention, protection and restoration of air, soil, groundwater and marine environment
  • Protection, promotion and sustainable management of biodiversity
  • Mitigation and adaptation to climate change and response to natural and man-made disasters
  • Water resources availability and quality within catchments and aquifers
  • Sustainable, integrated water management
  • Irrigation technologies and practices
  • Use of alternative water resources
Transport & Logistics
  • Strengthening of the freight transport and supply chain system in order to increase the added value and the competitiveness
  • Development of smart infrastructure and transport systems
  • Sustainability in transports
  • Strengthening of the intermodality and autonomy in urban transports of passengers and goods
Culture – Tourism – Cultural & Creative Industries
  • Strengthening of the innovation for developing new products and services for visitors of archaeological sites / museums / collections and other poles and cultural activity events
  • Promotion and enhancement of digital entrepreneurship in the fields of Culture, Tourism and CCI
ICT Information & Communication Technologies 
  • ICT approaches (AI, Data mining, etc.) to applied fields like agritech, fintech 
  • Outsourcing of ICT services in different subsectors ( banking ; insuretech ; fintech etc…) 

The EMPHASIS Project will launch its Open Call for SMEs, Startups, and Spin-Offs from Greece, Jordan, Spain, Lebanon, Egypt, and Italy on May 1st, 2022, to address the above-mentioned sustainability challenges. Get ready and prepare your solutions to address sustainability concerns and be selected amongst 24 finalist Open Innovation beneficiaries to receive assistance in forming new partnerships at cross-border level and a set of innovation advisory services. 

Stay tuned! The EMPHASIS Open Call is coming soon...