EMPHASIS Project Journey: 2 Years of Cross-Border Innovation and Collaboration

Today, we proudly present the culmination of the EMPHASIS project's incredible journey. After two years of dedicated implementation across Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, Spain, and Italy, our project has transformed the landscape of entrepreneurship and growth in the Mediterranean region.

Join us in this video as we showcase the remarkable results and outcomes achieved through the EMPHASIS project. Discover how 24 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from diverse backgrounds came together to unleash their creative potential and pave the way for innovations.

From the establishment of an Open Innovation platform to the exchange of ideas that cross borders, from advisory services that guided SMEs through innovation landscapes to the regional capacity-building seminars that nurtured a culture of growth – this video encapsulates the essence of the EMPHASIS project.

Don't miss out on witnessing the grand finale of the EMPHASIS project – a testament to the power of collaboration, and innovation.