EMPHASIS Project supports 4 Lebanese SMEs through Innovative Support Services in a Time of Crisis


EMPHASIS Project is supporting Lebanese SMEs in a Time of Crisis: 
how to choose the right actions 

Now more than ever, SMES in Lebanon across all sectors, especially those in agri-food and Environment & Sustainable Development, are in need of technical assistance, skill-sets in matter of business development and standardization of the final product to remain competitive in such a challenging market or to tap into added values and identify fields that can turn sustainability challenges into business opportunities as the increase demand on exports and the access to new markets continues to rise.

In this perspective, the Euro-Lebanese Centre For Industrial Modernsation - ELCIM at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), EMPHASIS Lebanese partner selected 4 SMEs based on the assessment of their ‘readiness’ to engage with open Innovation (OI) ecosystem and provide them advisory services - in the form of vouchers – to enhance their innovation capacity to build partnerships, covering the different stages of their innovation journeys. 
The Lebanese SMEs selected sectors varied from Sustainable Energy Environment & Sustainable Development to Agri-food.

Access to finance was the major pain point of the applicants, especially with an economic slowdown and uncertain output quality skill gap adding to it a lack of advanced R&D and supporting environment for innovation.

ELCIM at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) through the EMPHASIS project will try to address those needs by supporting the following SMEs:


PulP creates low impact building materials from non-recyclable paper waste like coffee cups and tetra packs. The products range from building blocks can replace internal wall partitions, with 60 % less cement per block. The second type of products are completely from non-recyclable paper waste, and expand to thermal insulation, sound isolation panels, as well as interior finished and furniture design.
Emphasis program will allow its business to have better performing products offered to the target audience while maintaining 55 % lower cost and 65% lower weight, 8 times increased thermal insulation and 4.5 times better soundproofing.


SAID SAIFAN founded in 1939 has achieved a notable level in the world of olive oil, olive oil soap and table olives by providing premium quality olive tree products. 
Emphasis program will support SAID SAIFAN Sal to have his product reaching an international level/markets.
This expansion will allow its business to significantly grow which will lead to:
•    More production
•    More recruitment
•    More employability
•    More impact on the labour force


Glovi is a new start-up that is developing and innovating a new biomedical system to save lives, increase safety, and prevent surgical infections. 
Glovi Machine will assist medical personnel in doing this task, assisting them in preventing glove infections and facilitating the whole procedure.
Emphasis program will help Glovi Machine to get the capacity building and the Certifications CE and other certifications needed to equip them with the highest technology needed to make the Glovi Machine: 
•    A major Time saving
•    Prevent the viruses and microbes’ transmission
•    Fast and safe way to open the packaging of the gloves 
•    Accurate in performing the task

Agro Cedrus

Agro Cedrus is 50 years old enterprise. After obtaining the organic certification, decided to started producing organic carob molasses, Kibbles and powder also organic carob seeds from our carob and 146 region carob farmers. They are 100% organic, healthy, 100% natural and much more affordable since the raw materials are available locally. Their solution will be powered by solar energy and positioned strategically for high quality organic LBG and carob germ protein. 

Emphasis program will lead them to become the first SME in Lebanon provider of the LBG and carob protein germ from local Carobs trees planted organically.

Stay tuned to learn about the 20 other SMEs selected from 5 Mediterranean countries to receive Innovation Support Services and bring their creative ideas to life!