Empowering Innovation in Italy: Introducing the 4 Beneficiaries of the EMPHASIS Project from Sicily


Innovation lies at the heart of economic growth and development. Recognizing this, the EMPHASIS project in Italy has identified and supported four small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to unleash their innovative potential. These companies, hailing from diverse sectors, are set to benefit from the project's resources and expertise. From revolutionizing maintenance processes to transforming cities with smart technologies, each beneficiary brings a unique contribution to Italy's innovation landscape. Let's explore the four beneficiaries of the EMPHASIS project and the exciting prospects they offer.

Teracom srl

Sector: ICT, Digital, Industry 4.0.

Solution: Digital services for Operation & Maintenenace Industrial Processes.

The market target: OIL & GAS, Power Generation industry. (predictive maintenance solution)

Teracom srl activities/business: Predictive maintenance solution to optimize Operation & Maintenance (O&M) processes and asset performance through the supervision, calculation and analysis of diagnostic and performance indicators that make sure to identify the health of plant assets and performance

degradation. The system allows the visualization of diagnostic and performance indicators on dashboards, analysis charts as well as the visualization and management of alarms.

The solution is based on the industry 4.0 paradigm and is data driven and innovative. In particular, it implements a first Condition Based Manteinance (CBM) approach which involves diagnostic analysis (Key Diagnostic Indicator - KDI) comparing measured values to target values, taking into account the statistical significance of the deviation. The second approach, on the other hand, is purely predictive and implements the projection of indicators over time in order to estimate the RUL (Remaining Useful Life).

Type of partners needed: Strong commercial partner with knowledge and business relations in new markets.


University Spin-off Company - Sector: Information &Communication Technologies

Solution: Integration of IoT (Internet of Thing) for smartcities and industry application. (Data Collect)

The market target: Application in the fields of Sustainable Production, Energy efficiency

Sustainable buildings and cities, Smart communities / cities with low energy consumption and almost zero emissions, Development of smart infrastructure and transport systems, ICT approaches (AI, Data mining, etc.) to applied fields like agritech, fintec.

SmartMe.IO activities/business: Design and development of Hardware solutions based on the Arancino stack. Support of the Stack4Things framework, and evolution of OpenStack that includes IoT.

Exploitation of edge computing capabilities. Use of AI to manage the data collected. Use of blockchains

to make secure the whole framework. Application in smart cities and Industries.

Type of partners needed: Collaboration with qualified partners working on application and services development and commercializing our solutions. 

ParkSmart srl

Sector: ICT Smart Cities
Solution: Active in the Smart Cities sector, specialised in parking spaces monitoring using intelligent computer-vision software. (Computer Vision)

ParkSmart srl activities/business: Our AiSee is a Computer vision ioT platform to be able to change any camera in a new sensor. Trough an IoT the video stream from the camera can be analyzed by multiple computer vision software in order to detect several elements presents on the video sensor view and send just the analyzed data to the cloud. All the video are analyzed in real time without recording or sending immage abroad in order to protect privacy of any user that pass trouhh the camera view and respect the GDPR.

Type of partners needed: Partners having contacts with smart city, utilities companies

MO.I.ME. di Mole G. & C s.a.s.

Sector: Metal-Mechanics, Construction

Solution: Construction of steel structures, the construction of tanks, silos iron and stainless steel,

metalwork and construction of mechanical equipment for feed mills, flour mills, sawmills marbles,

formwork panels for structure and solar trackers. (Photovoltaic parking shelter)

MO.I.ME. activities/business: The core business of Mo.I.Me. is the construction of steel structures, the construction of tanks, silos iron and stainless steel, metalwork and

construction of mechanical equipment for feed mills, flour mills, sawmills marbles, formwork panels for structure and solar trackers. The company make articulated projects and interventions within institutional fields with signage in tourist, accommodating, commercial and management structures.

Type of partners needed: Distributors, energy-intensive companies, electricity producers, photovoltaic panel producers, charging columns, batteries

Software Engineering

Sector: IT Company

Software Engineering is an innovative IT company specializing in 3D/2D Fully/Semi-Immersive Virtual and Augmented/Mixed Reality solutions for tourism, virtual museums, and cultural heritage. Their goal is to enhance tourism experiences by offering personalized time-travel-like VR tours with olfactory stimulation. These experiences can be enjoyed on-site or remotely, allowing people to explore historical sites worldwide. They also provide AR/MR apps to further enrich on-site visits.

The primary objective of the company is to revolutionize the way tourism services are provided and experienced by offering innovative and personalized touristic paths and experiences. Their solutions are geared towards enhancing the User Experience (UX) and capitalizing on the "WOW effect" to leave a lasting impression on tourists.

At the heart of their offerings lies the seamless integration of real-world elements with virtually real scenarios, enabling tourists to embark on time-travel-like journeys. This approach facilitates a deep connection with the original culture and essence of each location, making the experience more authentic and captivating.

Benefits of the EMPHASIS Project for Beneficiaries:
The EMPHASIS Project offers a range of benefits to the four SME beneficiaries, helping them unlock their innovation potential and accelerate their growth:

  1. Enhanced Innovation Performance: Beneficiaries receive a clear and accelerated path to improve their innovation, technology, product, or service performance.
  2. Customized Support: Experts in the field of innovation provide tailored guidance to determine the company's potential and capacity for innovation, outlining actionable steps for improvement.
  3. Open Innovation Analysis: In-depth analysis of the company's open