ESMES in Jordan organized the third National Energy Hub and engaged in a discussion on the technical challenges in the energy sector


As an approach to develop knowledge and operational capacities of Energy and Education institutions, to plan, implement and evaluate energy rehabilitations that are sustainable; the National Energy Hub was planned to set up in each country to provide a room for knowledge, exchange and cooperation among stakeholders and decision makers to develop cross-border case studies, strategies, and guidelines for sustainable energy rehabilitations in schools. 

On February 28th, 2023, the German Jordanian University (GJU), ESMES partner in Jordan; has hosted the third and last meeting of the Jordan National Energy Hub, at GJU campus. The aim of the meeting was the sharing of knowledge and discussion about the major obstacles in terms of energy efficiency faced by the country and the energy regulations in Jordan.

The meeting was attended by 29 participants of stakeholders and experts from the Jordanian energy sector, among which representatives from the government, electric utilities and private companies. The attendees were committing to ESMES project by providing general support to the project technical activities, sharing recommendations to be used during the project implementation period, reviewing current policies and procedures, sharing strategies for rehabilitations management and best practices, supporting the draft of energy efficiency strategy, and now, during this meeting; the stakeholders were reviewing the monitoring driven rehabilitation case study.

Participants have first visited the Madaba Secondary Comprehensive School for Boys, for the opening ceremony of concluding the rehabilitation works in the school. 

ESMES project coordinators at GJU, kicked off the National meeting with updating the hub members regarding the project status and the future steps and activities to achieve project objectives.

The core discussion was to share knowledge, thoughts and ideas of ESMES output "Case studies on REEE project portfolio solutions for enhanced energy rehabilitation of schools’ buildings", to draft the case study assigned to the Jordanian partner “Data Driven Design”. In order to collect data, GJU team have prepared a group of questions for the audience, regarding the (procedure that has been followed by GJU to implement the works in Jordan, the target groups of the case study, etc....), the input from the audience has been collected to be used for drafting of the case study. 

The meeting served as a special occasion, this collaboration and knowledge sharing will be profitable for all the parties involved!