ESMES organizes its final event on "The journey of schools in the energy-saving practices" in Alcamo, Italy!

After four years of ESMES, along all the activities that were focusing on enhancing capacities of the national, regional and local institutions, reducing energy consumption in public schools, increasing civil society awareness, and improving energy habits through the cross-border engagement of students in a sustainable use of energy resources in Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Italy and Spain; ESMES project will soon come to an end! 

The final event is scheduled on the 23rd of May 2023 at Istituto Comprensivo S. Bagolino School (TP)  in Alcamo, Sicily, Italy,.

The objective of the event is to highlight the results obtained through the ESMES project, between all project partners that will be attended, where they will have the opportunity, the chance and the place to share the work on : the approved administrative and investment planning procedures, approved strategies to support efficient and cost-effective energy mix in public schools buildings, case studies on REEE project portfolio solutions for enhanced energy rehabilitation, and the tools for implementing REEE project portfolio solutions and SEM measures in schools’ buildings. 

Other energy related topics will be discussed during the event, the complete agenda for the final event presentations is here.

The event will target more than 100 participant, from partners, public institutions, civil society and students from the schools.

It will be a great opportunity to boost and promote the ESMES network, by allowing the in-presence exchange in terms of cross border cooperation among all partners, creating further linkages between partners and locals who will attend the event! 

The results and findings of the event will be shared with the ENI CBC MED community!

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