Energy efficiency in public schools: ESMES project is ready to start!


In the framework of ENI CBC Med Program, the German Jordanian University (GJU) in Jordan will host the kick-off meeting of ESMES Project on Wednesday, November 27th 2019.

The event, organized by German Jordanian University, one the project partner, is the first official meeting of ESMES. The project will be implemented in five Mediterranean countries, involving five organizations: ICU - Institute for University Cooperation, leader of project, the above mentioned German Jordanian University, the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation, the National Agency for Energy Management of Tunisia, the Ribera Consortium of Valencia and the Alcamo Municipality in Italy.

The project faces the issues of growing energy demand, fossil fuel dependence and increasing CO2 emissions in the Mediterranean area. ESMES address the common challenge of fostering renewable energies and reducing energy use, with the common perspective of: adapting to Med climate conditions, finding innovative, effective ways of optimizing renovation investments and reducing the effects on electricity network. Buildings have high energy consumption, causing 36% of CO2 and high economic costs. Intervention in public schools is critical, being a relevant part of buildings stock with a low/often unknown energy performance.

ESMES will focus on the optimization of energy consumption in public schools through innovative, monitoring-based renewable energy and energy efficiency (REEE) pilot actions and will improve the capacity of 5 public institutions in order to implement innovative energy rehabilitations.