ESMES in Spain concluded the school selection for the energy rehabilitation activities in La Ribera County!


ESMES project aims to rehabilitate public school buildings by increasing energy efficiency and optimizing their renewable energy production. The project intervenes in professional institutes and technical schools within each country to rehabilitate them from energy point of view.

In February 2022, Consorci de la Ribera Spain, a member of the ESMES project launched a call for interest addressing the city councils to rehabilitate a public school in the area. 
The city councils submitted a proposal for the rehabilitation of a school in its territorial area, based on a diagnosis or energy audit carried out previously.

The following criteria were chosen to evaluate the candidacy:

  • suitability of intervention actions to project objectives;
  • production of renewable energy, kwh of renewable energy produced per year;
  • higher energy savings induced in the school with the proposed energy efficiency actions;
  • availability of necessary permits and administrative authorizations, and;
  • adhesion to Covenant of Mayors initiative.

In April 2022, the municipalities of Sueca, Algemesi and Castelló proposed 3 educational centers to be granted.

The evaluation committee evaluated the school energy rehabilitation proposals submitted by the 3 cities and finally, the CPEE Miquel Burguera school (Sueca) was chosen!

The city of Sueca proposed an CPEE Miquel Burguera energy rehabilitation plan, focusing on the installation of 30 kWp photovoltaic solar plant and energy efficiency measures with an estimated production of 48,285 kWh/year.

Energy efficiency measures are addressing the DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production system, the lighting system, in addition; presence detectors will be installed so that the lighting in common areas, halls, distributors, bathrooms, etc.

Currently, Consorci de la Ribera and Sueca city council are in process of signing the necessary agreements that embraces rehabilitation project activities and, as well, the Valencia Regional Government technical permit to execute the photovoltaic plant in educational center roof.

The rehabilitation actions in the school are foreseen to be concluded very soon! 

In November 2022, the coordination teams of the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) in Italy and Consorcio of Ribera conducted monitoring visit to the selected school to meet the director and to present the project activities.