ESMES in Spain updates the National Energy Hub members with the project activities in the third newsletter!


The Spanish Energy Hub has been set up at the beginning of the project (2019) to provide room for knowledge exchange and cooperation among partners, associates and external stakeholders (e.g.: decision makers, solutions innovators, energy professionals). The aim of the hub is to develop knowledge and operational capacities on the Energy sector in the Educational environment to plan, implement and evaluate sustainable energy rehabilitations.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, not all partners were able to hold the hub in person; in Spain, two newsletters were published to engage the participants of the hub and explain ESMES activities and the implementation methodology. 

In June 2023, the third newsletter have been published to describe the energy rehabilitations carried out during the last twelve months of activities at IES Bernat Guinovart (Algemesí) and CEE Miquel Burguera (Sueca) schools in the region of Valencia, Spain. 

The refurbishment consisted of the installation of solar photovoltaic plants for self-consumption and actions to improve the efficiency of the exterior lighting system and the sanitary hot water supply system.

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