ESMES in Tunisia launched a contest in 9 public schools in Sousse


On January 17th, 2023, the National Agency for Energy Conservation, Tunisian Partner of ESMES project launched the school contest activities in 9 public schools in the governorate of Sousse, in order to raise awareness of sustainable energy behavior and the importance of reducing energy consumption in schools.

The schools selected to take part of this contest are:

  • 3 Colleges: Rue d’Environnement Akouda, Cité Erriadh and Yasmine Enfidha
  • 6 Secondary schools: Abou kacemEchebiKKbira, Zaouit Ksiba Etharayat Sahloul 4, Khawarizmi, Cité Erriadh Bouficha and Farhat Hached Msaken

Each school identified an Energy Team (ET); composed of 1 teacher and 5-10 pupils, and each visit lasts an average of two hours, through Mr. Fethi Hamad, the regional director of ANME Sousse, accompanied by Mrs. Fatiha Ismail, the representative of the Regional Direction of Education of Sousse, presented ESMES Project, the selection process of 09 public schools and the rules of the regional competition.

These schools were invited to submit of following three outputs:
- Advertising spot on saving energy max 3 min
- Educational handmade maquette on renewable energies and energy efficiency
- Awareness campaign for the benefit of all the school staff. on how their city can become more energy efficient.

The regional director of ANME Sousse, shared educational tools that can help the ET to collect right information, as posters, web site, facebook pages, list of contacts, etc,  and  also offered them a pedagogical suitcase to use to train the rest of school staff, explaining the importance of LED lighting, and illustrating how solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy by emphasizing that Tunisia enjoys a high rate of sunshine, exceeding 300 days of the year, and this is constituting a renewable energy source.

The ET had a great opportunity to participate to the energy management caravan workshop, that is in the form of a mobile interactive exhibition equipped with multimedia supports and an edutainment tool in line with the official programs of colleges and secondary schools.

The competition will close at the end of April 2023, with a ceremony to honor the winners, the most efficient schools in terms of energy. The closure event will be an occasion to share and give visibility to the results of the work carried out by the energy teams with all the other students and teachers.

The students are future professionals involved in energy buildings’ sector.