FISH MED NET in Italy: young people create a radio jingle to show how fishermen work is attractive


On Sunday 23rd July 2023, FISH MED NET was ON AIR with Radio Immaginaria, with a special episode of FISH MED NET!

After presenting the aim of our project and explaining the role of fishermen as guardian of the Sea, young people of Radio Immaginaria devised a challenge: 

- 5 teams of teenagers composed of some Radioimmaginaria speakers challenged each other with the same objective: to create a radio jingle to relaunch the figure of the fisherman and make it a cool job, like an astronaut of the abyss. 

On Saturday 22nd July, the five team leaders set off from Giffoni and at 8 am, at the port of Seiano, south of Naples, they met a fishing boat that had just returned from a night of fishing. On the quay of the harbour, the team of youth together with represenatives of Legacoop Agroalimentare, and from a fishery cooperative, talked to the fishermen about some super topical issues such as sustainable fishing and fisheries diversification. From there they took inspiration for the writing and realisation of the jingle. The five teams were named after five poor fish, those that for one reason or another cost little and are not in great demand on the market: horse mackerel, blue whiting, cepola, spoonbill fish and busbana.

On Sunday 23 July, during a special live broadcast, a jury made up of Radio Immaginaria speakers, Giffoni festival jurors, experts in sustainable fishing from Legacoop Agroalimentare,  listened to a preview of the five jingles made by the youth and nominated the winning team that will be invited to the Pianeta Mare Film Festival in Naples in October.

The five jingles and the radio programme are available here, have fun and listen how the youth relaunched the role of the fishermen thanks to FISH MED NET: