FISH MED NET in Palestine supports fishermen to implement fish cooling rooms


The Economic and Social Development Centre (ESDC), Palestinian partner of FISH MED NET has recently signed a sub-grant agreement with the Al-Tawfiq Association for Fishermen and the Ministry of Agriculture in Palestine, providing a grant of 30,000 euros to support the rehabilitation and development of fish cooling rooms in the Gaza Strip.

This initiative is a crucial aspect of the FISH MED NET project, which seeks to promote the diversification of services and products in the fishing sector while strengthening partnerships between the private and public sectors.

The grant will be utilized to introduce energy-saving devices in fish cooling rooms to help reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable practices. The development of fish cooling rooms with modern and energy-efficient devices will help local fishermen to store their catch for longer periods, thus increasing their income and reducing the amount of fish that goes to waste.

This project is expected to have a significant impact on the local fishing industry by boosting production, increasing income for fishermen, and supporting the development of sustainable practices in the sector. The ESDC is proud to be a part of this initiative, which will contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of the local communities in Palestine.