FISH MED NET presents the Blue Growth Symposium in Lebanon


The Blue growth symposium held in Beirut, Lebanon on the 17th of January 2023 saw the participation of over 40 people.  The event has been organized by FISH MED NET Partnership and hosted by the Minsitry of Agricutlure of Lebanon.

The event has invited and invovled the Associate Partner from Egypt, along with key institutional representatives and stakeholders from Lebanon and the represenatives of other ENI CBC MED Projects linked to the blue economy sector.

Starting from the results of FISH MED NET, the participants had the occasion to disuss jointly on future synergies and on how to capitalize the results of ENI projects in order to strengthen the alliances in the blue economy sector in the Mediterranean basin.

During the Symposium the participants had the occasion to shared their best practices at local and sectorial level, including the cultural and touristic sector as well the diversification of fishery and valorization of natural areas, to build a strong cooperation for a mediterranean sustainable network.

Moreover, thanks to the precious participation of Mr. Martin Heibel, Programme Communication Manager, the participants as represeantives of the ongoing ENI CBC MED Projects had the occasion to start wondering jointly on the priorities and challenges of the coming INTERREG NEXT MED Programme.

The Blue Growth Symposium has been an excellent opportunity and the starting point to capitalize the FISH MED NET results.