FISH MED NET publishes a guide about diversification of fisheries offering ways to discover and enjoy the Mediterranean sea with fishermen

Elena Ghezzi

FISH MED NET launched its first guide about diversification of fisheries activities offering new options to experience the sea. The guide was presented during the 4th World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress that took place in Rome on the 14th September 2022. This guide is "A ​​collection of structures represented by Legacoop Agroalimentare that offer hospitality, the possibility of excursions at sea and good food. A first edition to which we hope many others will follow ”- comments the president of Legacop Agroalimetare, one of the Italian partners of FISH MED NET, Mr. Cristian Maretti.

The fish industry has long been open to tourism, creating opportunities for encounters through direct experience. Some of the examples are to go out on a boat with fishermen, experimenting with the most selective and sustainable fishing techniques, savoring seacatch at 0 Km and enjoying the beauty of the coast among others. From the perspective of the sea, swimming offshore is just some of the many experiences that can be experienced together with fishermen. 

"FISH MED NET is working on business alliances between fishermen, economic actors and institutions, in the belief that, by networking, new opportunities and new commercial outlets will flourish." Enrico Andreini, senior program manager of FISHMEDNET, reports.

“For some time the fish industry has been severely tested by increasingly stringent regulations aimed at protecting ecosystems and protecting vulnerable areas. It is therefore necessary to develop a capacity for resilience to preserve the knowledge and flavors of our seafaring tradition and continue to guarantee income for fishing and aquaculture operators. The multifunctionality of the fishing enterprise is not always an easy path to embark on and for this very reason it is necessary to create alliances and develop economies of a scale that guarantees environmental, economic and social balance ”- concludes Maretti.

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