FruitFlyNet-ii introduces its novelties to local farmers in Argolis, Greece


On 28th June 2022, the research team of the Agricultural University of Athens, lead beneficiary of FruitFlyNet-ii project, organized a meeting with the owners of the olive groves, where OliveFlyNet system is implemented, located in the village of Arkadiko, Argolis region, north east of Peloponnese in Greece.

The project coordinator, Prof. Theodore Tsiligiridis, made a general introduction to the aims of the project and the contributing role of the farmers to its success, following by a demonstration of the OliveFlyNet e-trap, components and functioning, as well, a short presentation of OliveFlyNet e-services. 

Consequently, the technical manager of the project, Prof. Dionysios Perdikis, presented the solutions the project can offer to the farmers for a more effective and environmentally friendly control of the olive fruit fly through precise and timely olive fly monitoring, spraying decisions and spraying applications.   

At the last part of the meeting, farmers asked questions and clarifications were given mostly about the activities to be deployed in their fields, the e-traps placement and handling, the pest monitoring, the spraying decisions to be taken and the sprayings to be applied. 


In the meeting the officials for the olive fruit fly control in the Argolis prefecture also participated and contributed in the discussion.  At the end, all the farmers agreed that it was a very fruitful meeting because the aims of the project and their role in the project implementation became clear to them.