FruitFlyNet-ii introduces Location Aware System to domestic olive sector in a conference taking place in Sfax, Tunisia

The Institut de l’Olivier, FruitFlyNet-ii project partner in Tunisia, organizes the scientific meeting “A location aware system against the olive and med flies” aiming to introduce the project and its economic feasibility in the domestic olive sector.

The event will be held on Friday, May 13th, 2022, at 9:00 with the presence of the main coordinator of the project in the Institut de l’Olivier in Sfax, Tunisia.

The main speakers of the event are:  Dr. Ines Ksentini (Institut de l’Olivier - IO), Prof. Theodore Tsiligiridis and Prof.  Dionysios Perdikis (Agricultural University of Athens - AUA) and Dr. Mohamed Braham (Regional Research Centre in Horticulture and Organic Agriculture - CRHHAB).

The following topics will be presented:

-The project FruitFlyNet-ii: an overview (Prof. Theodore Tsiligiridis (AUA))

-The decision and spraying process (Prof. Dionysios Perdikis (AUA))

-Implementing Location Aware System (LAS) on Bactroacera oleae in Tunisia (Dr. Ines Ksentini (IO))

-Implementing Location Aware System (LAS) on Ceratitis capitata in Tunisia (Dr. Mohamed Braham (CRHHAB)).

The event aims at students, entomologists, farmers, engineers and local stakeholders.

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