FruitFlyNet-ii organizes a webinar on “Location Aware System to enhance Integrated Pest Management practices”

Webinar objective
The webinar aims to offer a platform for increasing awareness and generate discussions on the following pest control key - aspects:

  1. Review of the current Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices for the two key - pests in each partner - country.
  2. Analysis of Location Aware System (LAS) integration into e-monitoring, decision making, and spraying control IPM procedures.
  3. Build of solid knowledge and disseminate LAS at the Mediterranean Basin level

Target audience
Olive and citrus/peaches and relative fruit producers, farmers and cooperatives, farmer advisors, IPM industry, Small Food Businesses (SFBs), Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), researchers and scientists (research institutes and industry), policy makers, and other related stakeholders.

Type of webinar
Open to the general audience. Live streaming to all.

Webinar language: English

Webinar in Brief
As a first step towards the development of OliveFlyNet and MedFlyNet prototypes, during the webinar we will examine the current approaches implemented in pest monitoring, decision making and spraying in the different regions of the Mediterranean Basin, as well as their critical limitations. In parallel, the identities and traits of Location Aware System will be proposed, and their prospects will be analyzed in solving the current pest control problems identified. At the end, the specific e-solutions offered by the new approaches set by LAS and how these can be integrated in pest control strategies through the appropriate innovations under development of the FruitFlyNet-ii project will be presented.


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