FruitFlyNet-ii is recruiting a network engineer in Sousse, Tunisia


The Regional Research Centre on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture (CRRHAB) at Chott-Mariem, is recruiting a Network Engineer (IT) to join the family of FruitFlyNet-ii project based in Sousse, Tunisia.

The selected person, among others, will: 

1. Develop, set up, install, test and operate electronic trap networks for insect capture : data collection and presentation/visualization system via sensor networks installed in the fields.

2. Analyze and define the connection network of the integrated system to the Cloud, including also the integration with sensors for data collection and weather services, such as geodatabases, decision support systems (DSS), graphical user interface (GUI).

3. Provide technical assistance for functional testing of the prototype in the field (MedFlyNet), aiming to ensure the proper functioning of the system in terms of remote image acquisition and transmission and power continuity.

4. Manage knowledge for remote recognition, counting and monitoring of insects evolving on peach and the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capita


1. The minimum requirement is a National Engineering Degree in Applied Sciences (Information Technology, Electronic/Computer Engineering) or equivalent.

2. Master's degree in computer networking or equivalent is preferred.

3. Experience in wireless sensor network installations connected to the Cloud via WiFi /cellular protocols.

4. Experience in Python and Matlab programming in the Raspberry Pi microprocessor.

5. Knowledge in connecting and developing mobile WebGIS applications, in smart devices.

6. Knowledge in geographic database management and use of geo-computational tools (QGIS specifically) for collection, storage, analysis and visualization of agricultural data.

The call is addressed to individuals of Tunisian nationality meeting the criteria cited by the institute through the call for application.

The deadline for submission is 8th March 2023.

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