FruitFlyNet-ii is seeking for a technician in Tunisia


The Regional Research Centre on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture at Chott-Mariem (CRRHAB) in Sousse, Tunisia, intends to recruit a technician in the context of FruitFlyNet-ii project.

Tasks required

1.Participate in the technical activities of the project under the supervision of the Tunisian coordinator. 2.Collect field data (sampling) and carry out laboratory work related to the MedFly (Ceratitis capitata). 3.To participate in the field work with close collaboration with the project team including the set up of insect's trap, their control and reporting field data.


1.The minimum requirement is a license diploma in Plant Protection/Agricultural Entomology. 2.Master's degree (or equivalent) in Plant Protection/Entomology/Integrated Pest Management is well noted. 3.Knowledge of fruit fly trapping techniques, sampling techniques, entomological laboratory techniques are highly valued.

The application file must be sent by post or submitted directly to the CRRHAB order office, no later than March 16, 2023.

For more information about the vacancy (in french) click here