FruitFlyNet-ii in Spain presents its e-solution to fight against medfly at a big research and innovation fair


Professor Meelad Yousef together with the technical managers of the project, Emilio Calvo Cerezo and Flora Moreno Alcaide from the University of Cordoba, Spanish partner of FruitFlyNet-ii, attended the 12o European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation (Transfiere 2023) forum in Malaga (Spain), at 15-17th of February. Transfiere is the main research, development and innovation forum in southern Europe for sharing scientific and technological knowledge, with more than 4300 participants, 500 companies, 420 plenary speakers, 70 startups and spinoffs, 30 investors, 40 prototypes, and 39 countries. Due to the huge dimension of the forum, this was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the innovative aspect of FruitFlyNet-ii project and the large number of collaboration and knowledge transfer possibilities as explained by Prof. Yousef to the local media.

FruitFlyNet-ii stand has received numerous visitors from different technology profiles (professionals from the agri-food sector, SMEs, and academia). During the meeting, the technical team of the project have realized an in vivo demonstration of project's advanced technology which includes the prototype of the e-trap, the functionality and the future e-services to be provided to the agri-food sector. The in vivo demonstration included the objectives of the project, components and operation of the trap, showing how it would facilitate decision making for farmers and industry to monitor the olive fruit fly providing a real time monitoring that facilitate the control process and reduce the negative impacts of the traditional methods on the environment and human health in line with many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

The FruitFlyNet-ii's prototype was at the same stand of the State Agency of Research in Spain. This gives an added value to our innovation and technology developed during the project.