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FruitFlyNet-ii in Tunisia participates in the International Agriculture Investment and Technology Fair

The FruitFlyNet-ii in Tunisia project participates in the 14th edition of the International Agriculture Investment and Technology Fair called SIAT. The event is taking place in the Exhibition Center of Kram Tunis, Tunisia from 12 to 15 October 2022. It is organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investments (APIA), a non-administrative public institution. Its main mission is the promotion of private investment in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and associated services.

The fair's theme for this year is about "Smart Investment for Sustainable Development". It includes many activities such as:

-An exhibition of advanced technologies and research achievements in the fields of agriculture, agri-food, fisheries and services related to them.

- Partnership meetings between Tunisian promoters and foreign partners.

- Demonstration sessions that present new technologies and techniques for improving production and development of agricultural products.

- A forum.

- Workshops that deal with themes related to quality and new investment niches.

The research team of FruitFlyNet-ii project will present the main idea of the project, its main  challenges, expected impacts and targets with two roll up (in Arabic and English) displaying the objectives and activities of the project and a poster showing the recent results of peach field digitization.

It's an occasion to highlight how FruitFlyNet-ii facilitates the sharing of green technologies between research institutes and Small and Medium Enterprises in the Mediterranean to fight two specific pests, by commercializing 2 prototypes, one for the olive fly and the other for the Mediterranean fly, offering a set of electronic services for a better monitoring and an efficient control of ground spraying.

For more information about the event in French and Arabic  click here


SIAT is a showcase of agricultural and fisheries technologies in Tunisia and offers a range of events that meet the expectations of participants: agricultural producers, fishermen, businessmen, industrialists, researchers, etc..

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