The future is green: RESMYLE in Tunisia promotes youth employment in hydroponics

Chiheb Ben Fredj

20-year old Asma, from Tunis, is a NEET at the RESMYLE DEMARRI eco-incubator, coordinated by our Tunisian partner, l'Association d'Education Relative à l'Environnement (AERE) and is working hard to turn her dream of a hydroponics business into reality.

Hydroponics is a controlled and highly efficient way to grow plants (fruits and vegetables) without soil that uses up to 10-times less water than classic field farming. It cuts out polluting fertilisers and herbicides, delivering just the right amount of nutrient-rich food solutions directly to plant roots for faster growth and bigger yields. Most of all, it saves space and energy. You can grow plants anywhere, in your kitchen or in a warehouse in a city, like Tunis, where Asma lives.

“I want to develop my project of growing plants above-ground, especially in urban areas and gain in productivity by accelerating their growth”, says Asma.

She’s on the right track as hydroponics is part of the green economy which is at the heart of RESMYLE and its eco-incubators, where NEETs like Asma can get expert guidance to become successful eco-entrepreneurs and make a much-needed contribution to greening up our economy in the face of climate change and increasing pressure on natural resources.

Look out for more stories from RESMYLE eco-entrepreneurs soon!