Get a closer look at BESTMEDGRAPE partners: National Institute of Applied Science and Technologies of the University of Carthage, Tunisia


BESTMEDGRAPE partner (PP3) at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technologies of the University of Carthage (INSAT-UCAR) is headed by Prof Sami Fattouch who manages, coordinates and supervises the project activities of the PP3 team including living labs, meetings, resources and information. The project coordinator is supported by a financial staff, researcher and technical staff (one postdoc and two engineers).

The financial and administrative team is headed by Mr Sofiene Ben Abdhallah (INSAT general secretary) who is supported by both INSAT financial agents Mrs Olfa Gammoudi and Mr Meher Ferchichi.

The Researcher team belonging to the PP3 team is composed of Dr Atef Boulila (INSAT), Pr Mounira Harbi (INRAT), and Dr Mahfoudh Ayadi (INIB).

The technical staff, composed by the postdoc Miss Tesnime Ghazouani and two engineers Miss Ameni Mokhtar and Miss Rania Bettaibi, will qualitatively and quantitatively characterize the local grape pomace and seed extracts, particularly by quantifying the total content of the polyphenolic compounds and identifying the main compounds belonging to the classes of benzoic acids, hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonols and anthocyanins. The in vitro anti-radical capacities will give information of the antioxidant power of the prepared grape extracts. Moreover, testing the protective in vivo properties of the polyphenolic extracts against the UV and the oxidative stresses will involve the yeast eukaryotic model.

Developing nutraceutical and cosmeceutical nanoformulations using seeds and pomace of the autochthonous varieties of the Tunisian grape will be at the basis of the start-ups that will be accompanied during the incubation phases of the project.