GIMED: 19 green business ideas selected in Egypt

Akil Mazumder, Pexels

A total of 19 green business ideas have been selected in Egypt. In this sense, new entrepreneurs have joined the training sessions launched by GIMED in the Southern Mediterranean. Alexandria Business Association, the Egyptian partner of GIMED, launched a set of calls for green innovators in the month of January 2021. The goal of the call was attracting specially young and women entrepreneurs with sustainable business ideas in Egypt in order to complete a training and coaching course and enter to a pitching event that will give the opportunity to win 4 grants of 7.500€ each. 

In total, 25 entrepreneurs have been selected in many different fields: sustainable food and agriculture (2), resource efficiency and sustainable waste management (4), sustainable construction (1), sustainable mobility (1), renewable energy and energy efficiency (6), communication for sustainability (1), sustainable electrical and electronic equipment (1), sustainable textiles and clothing (1), sustainable tourism (1) and others (1). 

Meet here the 19 green business ideas selected: 

Lifebox by Greenz is a highly-reliable and innovative solar energy all-in-one, rapidly deployable, self-contained unit that secures daily life essentials such as electricity, hot and clean water 

10 Clouds achieves clouds purification and renewable source of energy. 

Plastic Waste Brick wants to replacee the main construction materials by being not only more innovative, strong, and environmental-friendly. 

Bee is a digital platform that serves as a fleet management system to connect freight forwarders with customers and containers while maximizing the profit and reducing the fleet carbon footprint. 

House Water Recycling Solutions’s main idea is to offer an application, which connects residents/construction companies with plumbers, trained to install a sink water recycling system in apartments/homes. 

Green economical community is a HUB  in digital transformation field focusing in Green Transformation including Circular Economy and Waste Management. 

Hydrate is addressing the single use plastic bottles by creating dispensers that provide high quality drinking water in both public and private areas 

Liliwan focuses on upcycling the textile waste from factories and manfacturers and create affordable clothing items by using them. 

Watein works on using particular insects in biological recycling as a permanent solution of PET presence in environment and less in carbon emission. 

Sunsyngas is an energy solution using agriculture waste to provide it to small and medium businesses. 

Sea Water desalination using wave energy offers a device to obtain energy from waves to operate desalination plants so it provides drinking water and consumes less energy 

Solar Wind Turbin is based on a device to obtain clean energy from both solar energy and wind energy. 

Plastale recycles abundant resources of plastic waste creating value for the local collectors and cutting off the supply chain which leads to more energy and waste. 

Sibotics is a mobile application to control energy load consumption to increase energy efficiency and prevent hazard. 

Kiwa provides clean fresh produces using a technology that makes products affordable to the consumer and is a feasible and scalable model for farmers 

Yara Ismail is a fashion brand that offers clothing that uses naturally dyed textiles as opposed to synthetically dyed textiles.  

Dinery offers a digital menu self-ordering system for F&B facilities that reduces the usage of paper while providing hygiene in the middle of pandemics. 

EgyExporting has a system that facilitates exporting processes while reducing the paper work, offered for SMEs. 

Egreen provides renewable energy solutions for different sectors.