GIMED awards 8 grants to green innovators in Egypt


The Alexandria Business Association (ABA) held on Sunday, 22 January 2023 a ceremony to award 8 grants to green entrepreneurs who won the EU-funded ENI CBC MED Green Innovation Project in the Mediterranean "GIMED" competition, being implemented by the ABA in Egypt through its Small and Micro Enterprise project.

The program provided specialized training to 80 early-stage entrepreneurs with green ideas or start-ups who were selected with a competitive approach. The ABA provided more than 400 hours of group training and 240 hours of individual training funded by the GIMED project.

The main objective of the training was:

- to build the capacity to develop business plans for green transformation,

- to develop mechanisms for implementing and analyzing finances and innovation to become market-friendly,

- to help in the development and promotion of the marketing plans.

ABA invited 40 leading entrepreneurs qualified out of the 80 trained to participate in the competition by submitting business plans of businesses.

A jury formed in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship Committee selected the 8 winners mentioned below, each received a grant of 7500 euros to support their market entry or expansion and growth:

1. Nabolia Tech: an electronic platform that enables the owners of old high-value furniture to restore or renovate:

2. Neobloq: Production of building bricks made of recycled plastics.

3. Karma: Bio-Poultry green production & distribution.

4. Aklak Taza: An online sales platform that facilitates access to good home meals with minimal environmental impact.

5. Taqatak : Solar-powered products branded for advertising in public.

6. Farawla Tech: Soil-free farming to produce strawberries using low-cost and environmentally friendly local media.

7. Lifebox: Mobile integrated units for electricity production and desalination or solar water purification.

8. Kiwa: highly water efficient cultivation with Aquabonic or Sandbonic technology high quality foods.