GIMED: Dozens of solar panels generating clean energy in Egypt


LifeBox is a highly-reliable and innovative solar energy start-up that is solving two environmental problems in Egypt: CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and the use of expensive and unreliable electricity. Actually, LifeBox is one out of the 19 green business projects selected by Alexandria Business Association, the Egyptian partner of GIMED, to complete a training and coaching course and enter to a pitching event to turn its idea into a successful green business.

Among the 25 entrepreneurs selected in the last cohort, Said Rahy Ramadan is devoted to the sustainable food and agriculture sector. “After a long time and much effort, we succeeded in signing our very first contract to manufacture and deliver our LifeBox to a client in Al Ismailia”, stated Ragy Ramadan. The co-founder of LifeBox shows his proudness about this fact for a very promising start-up located on the West Bank of the Suez Canal, specifically in the capital of Ismailia Governorate.

Nowadays the dominant source of energy worldwide is made out of fossil fuels. Although this was a practical shift for human beings during the past years, it has been proved that it’s catastrophic for the environment. Solar panels, which are easy to implement, secure daily life essentials such as electricity, hot and clean water and drive positive socio-economic impact in remote and less served areas.

In total, LifeBox will power 120 solar panels to generate clean energy and operate with a submersible water pump. This water pump will irrigate an olive farm at Cairo-Ismailia road. Clean energy, then, will become a solution to tackle the use of fuel fossils which has been proved to have dangerous effects on human health because of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the less quality of the air and the production of the major greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

“We were lucky as our client was finally able to self-finance the unit and we are supposed to deliver our service in three months”, says Said Rahy Ramadan. The entrepreneur behind LifeBox recognises that the budget is very tight but they are optimistic to succeed. The journey is yet to start and GIMED is helping and supporting them to have access to market and finance under the framework of ENI CBC MED. “Our team is very grateful to GIMED because it has encouraged us to take the first step to achieve our green dreams”, he adds.