GIMED: NoorNation signed an exciting agreement to install renewable energy units in Upper Egypt


Made by Africans to Africans, NoorNation is the first African-based renewable energy manufacturing start-up, bringing sustainable decentralized energy and water infrastructure solutions to the off-grid sector across Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa. Its product, which is called LifeBox, is based on a green business model developed with the support of the EU-funded project GIMED, under the ENI CBC MED Programme.

It promotes environmentally-friendly practices, the Egyptian-made product of NoorNation is a solar-powered, self-contained and fast-deployable unit that delivers clean energy and safe water at an affordable price. But the most important thing among all is that NoorNation has signed a very special contract to manufacture and install LifeBox to power up submersible pumps for irrigation of 80 feddans in Al Minya governorate (Upper Egypt), the first strategic partnership for agricultural development.

LifeBox is a true all-in-one and fully-integrated solution, first time ever offered among the solar energy landscape in Egypt empowering small-medium farming businesses and making the farm fully independent from using harmful and way costly diesel generators or using the expensive and price-rising utility grid. It's a solution of decentralized green infrastructure delivering reliable and accessible dual-supply to farming, tourism and rural communities, giving peace of mind to their customers for achieving their triple bottom line; social, financial, and environmental growth.



Alexandria Business Association, which is the Egyptian partner under the GIMED program, supported NoorNation to learn more about how to start a project. And all the Consortium is happy that the project has signed a new contract on the 26th of June with a 33 feddans farm located in Al Alamein Road, which is to be executed directly in the upcoming month.

This project is so special because is a real first 3-in-1 integrated LifeBox: 

  • Generating electricity to power a 30 horsepower submersible pump for crops irrigation.
  • Desalinating water coming up from the bore well for livestock, drinking water for labor houses and cultivating some low salinity vegetables & fruits.
  • Generating electricity using energy storage for powering other general lighting and power loads in the farm.

NoorNation had an agreement of partnership with a Buy Now & Pay Later company that can fully finance LifeBox for their clients giving financing and installment facilities up to 5 million EGPs per LifeBox with only 11% interest over 3 years and for any client in Egypt demanding just simple financing requirements way easier and faster than local banks.