GIMED: Using artificial intelligence to reduce the environmental footprint of the health care industry


UmedMi is an integrated medical platform for clinic appointment reservation, medical record management and patient security optimization. As one of their latest breakthroughs, this technological start-up is working on developing a self-diagnosis system that consists on a smart robotic chat for clinical diagnosis. Using artificial intelligence, this Egyptian initiative aims at improving the environmental footprint of the health care industry by providing digital health records.

According to their statistics, traditional health record system covers 85.7 million beneficiaries and uses 10.000 tons of paper records and 680 tons of X-ray film. Upon digitalization, this waste would be considerably reduced and also, a lower gasoline consumption among patients who otherwise would have to make trips to the doctor unit could also be avoided.

On the dark side, the use of personal computers to manage medical records could result in higher energy consumption and generate an additional 250 tons of waste. “We concluded that electronic health records have a positive net effect on the environment and our mobile version of integrated Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) can be used for green healthcare and environmentally friendly horizons”, says Abdelrahman Morsy, founder and program manager at UmedMi.

UmedMi empowers millions of patients and fill the credibility gap through data and the ability to better access trusted healthcare services in the MENA region. GIMED has supported UmedMi in the development of their green business plan through coaching and mentorship, with a great satisfaction from their team. “It was a great experience, I learned a lot of practical and hands-on lessons and skill set that helped us to develop and enhance our ability to work in dynamic entrepreneurial environment”, shares Morsy.

UmedMi was founded by doctors, for doctors and patients in 2020. A group of young residents became frustrated by the limitations of the medical knowledge system: the multitude of disconnected and fragmented resources available led to overwhelming tedious journey for physicians to seek evidence based medical practices than mastering them.

Abdelrahman Morsy holds a huge background as Digital Transformation Project Manager with 10 years of diversified experience in Digital Transformation and project management, with a track record of success driving new launches, new ideas and crafting digital strategies either in Egypt or international assignments in the MENA region. All in all, UmedMi aspires to be the true north for Clinical Decision Support and Automation for the whole person core