Making hotels greener: GREENinMED project met with the managers of the Israel Hotel Association

Tel Aviv, Israel - Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash

On December 2, the Israeli partners of the GREENinMED project met with Ms. Yael Danielithe CEO of the Israel Hotel Association, together with Ms. Pnina Ben-Davis, the chief economist of the association and the international activity department manager. The Israel Hotel Association is the representative body of Israel's hotel industry.

GREENinMED representatives gave a review about the goals and means of the project which is aiming to improve the efficiency in the water and energy sectors in the tourism industry in general, and the hotel industry in particular. GREENinMED representatives asked for cooperation with the Israel Hotel Association in contributing to the goals of the project, and specifically discussed the dedicated workshop planned in Tel Aviv on 28 of January. The Israel Hotel Association emphasized that the main goal of hotel managers is to reduce costs and therefore they might be interested in adopting new technologies that will help them to achieve this goal. They agreed that upgrading environmental performance might make a competitive advantage for a hotel compared to others. At the end of the meeting both sides agreed to further cooperate.

The Israel Hotel Association highlighted its great interest in improving the environmental standards of the industry with the support of the GREENinMED project.

GREENinMED project ("Speeding up the MED SMEs' uptaking of eco-innovative solutions in energy and water management") aims to develop eco-innovative products and services designed specifically for the hotel industry in order to improve its environmetal footprint. For more information, please visit the project website