GREENinMED Project Aims to Promote Water and Energy Efficiency in Tourism Industry; Winners Announced for Subgrant Call

John Broks

The Arava Institute and Kinneret Academic College are pleased to announce the winners of the 1st Israeli Subgrant call and the winners of the extension of the Subgrant call for the cross-border GREENinMED project. They are extremely eager to work with the winners to continue building out their eco-innovative products and services in the tourism industry. Each beneficiary will receive a maximum eligible budget of 25,000 euros, with 90% co-financing from the European Union, meaning the maximum grant per application is 22,500 euros.

Granted and administered by the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies are the following companies:

1. 360 Technology, Energy, Entrepreneurship LTD: a pilot project featuring a triple-use agro-voltaic system for tourism.

2. Efal Technologies: an innovative climate cleansing system proposed to provide an optimal indoor climate similar to conditions found in nature. 

3. KET Water: an autonomous valve preventing water leakage.

Granted and administered by Kinneret College are the following companies:

1. OASIX: a prototype for mobile unit that presents a solution for smaller off-grid touristic businesses

2. Eco Wave Power: combines onshore wave energy production with eco-tourism in the port of Jaffa

3. Keren Energy: a management tool that helps improve water and energy efficiency in tourism

4. Green Slide Eco Solutions: on the spot rinsing system for reusable cups. 

Corrigendum: The deadline of the last date for payment and to present financial documentation was June 11, 2023. The deadline is extended for payment to June 20 and for financial documentation is extended to July 13, 2023.