GREENinMED Project Aims to Promote Water and Energy Efficiency in Tourism Industry; Winners Announced for First Subgrant Call

John Broks

The Arava Institute and Kinneret Academic College are pleased to announce the winners of the 1st Israeli Subgrant call for the cross-border GREENinMED project. They are extremely eager to work with the winners to continue building out their eco-innovative products and services in the tourism industry. Each beneficiary will receive a maximum eligible budget of 25,000 euros, with 90% co-financing from the European Union, meaning the maximum grant per application is 22,500 euros.

Granted and administered by the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies are the following companies:

1. 360 Technology, Energy, Entrepreneurship LTD: a pilot project featuring a triple-use agro-voltaic system for tourism.

2. Magic Coatings: a pilot project on energy saving efficiency of “magic-coating”

3. KET Water: an autonomous valve preventing water leakage

Granted and administered by Kinneret College are the following companies:

1. OASIX: a prototype for mobile unit that presents a solution for smaller off-grid touristic businesses

2. Eco Wave Power: combines onshore wave energy production with eco-tourism in the port of Jaffa

3. Keren Energy: a management tool that helps improve water and energy efficiency in tourism

Please note that the subgrant call was extended and additional winners will be announced soon.