GREENLAND is about to launch training to NEETS and women in green and circular economy sector


Not only young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET)s and women were the main focus of the Labour Market study (click here) conducted by the GREENLAND project, but also it emphasized on the needs and the reality of SMEs, creating mechanisms to reduce the mismatch between the labour market and the skills of NEETs and women.

Moreover, three main sources were targeted in this study: (1) Regional and Local authorities, (2) SMEs, and (3) NEETs. Through these sources, the study profiled and characterized NEETs, and also revealed SME's willingness and interest to provide internship and employment, within the Green and Circular Economy (GaCE) sectors, for both NEETs and women after their acquirement of the required skills.

In correspondence to the need of SMEs, the targeted groups need to develop three sets of skills: (a) Life Skills, (b) Lab Skills, (c) Technical Skills. the development of these skills will form the bridge between the labour market and the skills required. The trainings and courses that will be provided by GREENLAND soon to develop the skills will be theoretical and practical, online and onsite, thus they will be linked between the countries of the GREENLAND project in the Mediterranean, where traineeships cross-boarders will be exchanged, within GaCE sectors, to benefit for SMEs and NEETs alike.

Currently, our team is finalizing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of employment with several SMEs, promoting sustainable entrepreneurship, insuring multiple job vacancies for NEETs and women in the Mediterranean region.