GREENLAND: the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (Egypt) is looking for a technical expert


The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egyptian partner of GREENLAND project, has published a call for tenders to select a technical expert to support the design, development and implementation of Coaching and Tutorial-based career guidance activities on site for WP4. 

The main responsibilities of the service provider will be the following:

  • Design of the training courses based on the results of the emerging needs analysis (WP3).
  • Design of 14  Green and Circular Economy (GaCE) LabSkills (at least 2 LabSkills) which will be based on collected data (A 3.1.3). Modules will be designed according to the capacity of Egypt: new technics in farming, irrigation system design, agri-waste valorization, hydroponics and rooftop farming, renewable energy system design, agri-enterprise development and management, marketing of agri-food, vocational training on a) seed propagation, b) vegetables grafting, c) biogas production, green composting and compost making.
  • Implementation of the training of 120 NEETS and women on two Labskills on site according to specific selection criteria (e.g. scores reported on the e-portfolio and other criteria proposed by a PP's Committee).
  • Training of 300 NEETs and women on e-platform contents (e.g. e-lectures, attachments, slides) on GaCE sectors and e-services (e.g. digital classes) on employment issues in addition to the e-courses created on e-platform.
  • Design, development and implementation of coaching and tutorial-based career guidance activities on site. 300 NEETs and women - who are NOT SELECTED for the Labskills on site - will be allowed to access to these activities.
  • Elaborating the Labskills programmes on site for NEETs/Women.

For more information, check the full announcement here

The deadline for submission is on 21st October 2021.