GREENLAND event in Jordan: Promoting training opportunities for young people in the green economy sector


The GREENLAND midterm event took place in Jordan, on 17-19 May 2022 and it has been a very important opportunity to present our project to representatives from several ministries, universities, local & international organizations, and the national press, under the patronage of the Jordanian Minister of agriculture.

During the opening ceremony of the mid-term event, His Excellency Engineer Khalid Hnefat (Minister of Agriculture), His Excellency Dr. Nizar Haddad (General Director of the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Dr. Omar Abu Eid (representative from the Delegation of the European Union in Jordan), Dr. Esmat Karadsheh (coordinator of the Branch office of ENI CBC MED Programme), Mr. Nicola Mayerà (Regione Calabria, Italy, lead beneficiary of GREENLAND), Mr. Nikolas Petropoulos (ERFC Greekpartner), Eng. Alaa Wahbeh, (NARC, project coordinator in Jordan) welcomed everyone and coordinated the discussion.

During the event, the capitalization workshop took place, allowing partners of GREENLAND, and other ENI CBC MED projects (HELIOS, PROSIM, MENAWARA, LIVINGAGRO, MEDSWAYCAP, MYSEAMYSEA, CLUSTER) to meet and share their outcomes with green enterprises and networks from Jordan and the Mediterranean. There was also a presentation of other projects and initiatives to be capitalized through the project HELIOS.

There were interventions from the National Packaging Center- JoPack and The Business Development Center (BDC) from Jordan. Capitalization activities, action adjustments to reach the Mediterranean people’s targets, difficulties & reflection, were the main highlights of a proactive discussion.

Mr. Nicola Mayerà, the coordinator of the GREENLAND project from the Calabria region, Italy, expressed his pride in the partnership with the NARC and the exchange of experiences among the participants, pointing out that the project will enable participants to study social integration and empower young people in their regions.

Eng. Alaa Wahbeh, project coordinator of GREENLAND in Jordan, underlined how the project will promote social integration and youth empowerment in the Jordanian targeted areas in Balqa and Irbid governorates.

Mr. Omar Abu Eid, a representative from the Delegation of the European Union in Jordan, praised the leading role of NARC in promoting scientific research and empowering young people. The Center also looks for solutions to climate challenges through the consolidation of scientific research. He added that the Delegation of the European Union in Jordan is confident in the management of the NARC and the scientific capabilities of its staff and looks forward to further cooperating and networking in many agricultural fields, especially related to climate, water, and energy challenges.

Eng. Alaa Wahba, head of the climate change department at the NARC, underlined that this workshop was held in the presence of partners from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, in addition to Jordan, pointing out that the project will promote social integration and youth empowerment in the targeted areas.

During the last day of the event, Dr. Mohammed Youssef from Egypt talked about the capacity building and e-learning activities & showed the e-platform which will also be available as an application for smartphones (Android and IOS), to provide NEETS and women with online courses. A portfolio for each participant will be set and they will receive their certificates.

The last day of the event was entirely dedicated to the internal meeting between the partners, who discussed the progress of the project phases.

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