GREENLAND in Greece launches its training in Green & Circular economy in Spring 2023


GREENLAND in Greece is offering free of charge courses on green and circular economy.  The objective is to train up to 300 young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)s and women , who reside permanently in Central Macedonia or Thrace.

1. The first phase will be online, and based on individual learning of basic skills that are useful for job placement in the Green and Circular economy (Soft skills, Employment skills, and Green and Circular Economy skills). At the end of the courses, a certificate of attendance will be granted (E-Portfolio certified by the project).

2. In the second phase, through an evaluation system, 120 participants will be provided with one-week on-site training in Green and Circular Economy skills which will take place in Thessaloniki.

3. Finally, a further selection of 30 participants will have the opportunity to undertake a 45-day internship, with the contribution of expenses, in one of the enterprises participating in the project.



Fill out the Registration Form (Google form link in GR) and we will contact you to verify the requirements and for further information.

Entries will continue until the required number (300 NEETs and Women) is met. 


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