GREENLAND in Lebanon launched an online training session on how to collect the data of NEETs, women and organizations in the Green and Circular Economy sectors


The Lebanese partner of GREENLAND project, the Planning and Development Agency, announced on 29/6/21 the start of the data collection through KoBoToolbox, a suite of tools to gather the needs of the final beneficiaries: NEETs, women and policy makers in the green and circular economy.

The focus is on reducing the mismatch between the labor market and skills in NEETs and women by ensuring the availability of necessary provisions needed to facilitate their access into the labor market; equipping target groups with marketable skills via training courses, e-learning services, coaching, mentoring, and traineeships. Consequently, the long-term objective is to promote sustainable entrepreneurship and the creation of Green and Circular Economy enterprises and jobs, improving the conditions of: Vocational Training Providers, employment agencies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), NGOs and INGOs, the youth/ women/ NEETs, and local authorities.

The session was directed to data collectors from the 7 targeted countries of the project and provided guidance on how gathering the information through simple ways such as short questionnaires will ensure that the final beneficiaires needs' will be thoroughly mapped.

The training session was characterised by professionalism, accuracy and interactivity.

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