GREENLAND project develops new training opportunities in Green & Circular economy sectors in Greece


The Interbalkan Environment Center (i-BEC), a proud partner of the GREENLAND project in Greece, is devoted to fulfill the main objectives of the project through the provision of skills and professional opportunities in the Green and Circular economy to young unemployed people and women in Greece giving expectations and hope for the improvement of their employment status.

The vulnerable position and the high difficulties faced by young persons and women, the high rates of flexible and precarious employment, the increased effort required for their integration into the modern labor market, and the shift to new economy sectors highlight the importance of the GREENLAND project for Greece and other Mediterranean countries. The training and specialization of the young professionals who will work in the innovative jobs in the Green and Circular economy become critical. The tools and skills that will be used as pilot activities for the Regional Units of Central Macedonia and Thrace in Greece will spread from a local and regional level to national and cross-border levels.

For the successful training of young unemployed and women in the regions of Central Macedonia and Thrace (Greece), i-BEC approached the local and regional community through local and regional authorities and enterprises operating in the sectors of Green and Circular economy to disseminated the goals and activities of the project, the training courses (online and onsite training) and the apprenticeship. Furthermore, a constantly updated online campaign of approach and participation has been developed, taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic that afflicted the regions.

In addition, to identify the necessary skills that participants need to acquire and are sought after by the local SMEs, to find suitable mentors who will support the trainees for the successful implementation of the training and internship, and to identify the proper areas of interest within the Green and Circular economy meetings were held with representatives of companies activated in these sectors.

After conducting labor market analysis to young unemployed and women in the pilot areas of the project in Greece (Central Macedonia and Thrace) but also with enterprises from the Green and Circular economy sectors, the significant need for training of young professionals with a holistic approach becomes apparent. The training, through the development of the appropriate curriculum, will combine the acquisition of technical skills (waste management, new farming techniques, agribusiness, etc.) and soft and employment skills (communication skills, digital skills, business skills, etc.), which will link the requirements of the labor market in Greece and equip the participants with marketable skills that will improve their competitiveness and increase their employability.

The GREENLAND project will train (online or/and onsite) 2.900 people in 7 Mediterranean countries (Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Portugal, and Greece) with the support of experienced mentors and the adoption of innovative techniques and methods. Trainees will receive a certificate of attendance that includes all of their knowledge gained in green and circular skills. Finally, after the completion of the training, the apprenticeship program will follow with available jobs in local companies in the Green and Circular sector.

For the Interbalkan Environment Center, ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources, the protection of the environment but also the development and social inclusion of the communities are the principal and main mission for a better future!

The future is GREEN(LAND)!

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