INNOMED-UP Info Point for cultural and creative enterprises in Palermo, Italy is on!

The Center for Economic and Social Research (CRESM), INNOMED-UP Project Partner, is a non-profit social cooperative, based in Sicily, Italy, with decades of experience in the ambitions of local and rural development planning, community regeneration, immigration and social inclusion.

The activities of CRESM are mainly aimed at farmers, entrepreneurs, families and young people, at the enhancement of assets confiscated from the mafia, at vulnerable groups (unemployed, immigrants, growing up, disabled) in Italy and in the Mediterranean area.

CRESM deals with the educational poverty of young people, collaborates with schools and universities of all levels, promotes start-ups of cooperatives and social enterprises. CRESM is an active partner in INNOMED-UP Project and it host one of the two Info Points established under this project.

The INNOMED-UP Info Point in Palermo, Italy, the project that promotes the circular economy through innovation and education for cultural and creative enterprises in the cities of the Mediterranean area, has been active since October 25th 2021, after an online running-in period that started on June 16th 2021.

The INNOMED-UP Info Point is managed by CRESM at NOZ - Nuove Officine Zisa, pavilion 20 of  Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, in Palermo, via Paolo Gili, 4.

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Tel: +39 0924 6900



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This is a key opportunity for companies that want to pursue their business while giving special attention to environmental sustainability.

The adoption of Circular Economy procedures within the Cultural & Creative Industries will certainly improve waste management thanks to technology and the transfer of innovative knowledge, thus transforming Mediterranean cities into more resilient territories. The implementation of these procedures should promote employment contracts of scientific experts and technical staff. The entities that will access to the INNOMED-UP Info Point will benefit from cluster opportunities and innovation vouchers in order to get equipment and mentoring in their development.