The INNOMED-UP Living Lab: creating networks of circularity within the urban environments.


All actions taken during the 2nd year of implementation, the involvement and the interaction with local communities are composing a Living Lab, the INNOMED-UP Living Lab.

Through the Clustering Roadmaps, Athens, Prato, Palermo, Tunis, Hebron, Nablus & Irbid have structured all the necessary steps to create networks of circularity within the urban environments. More than 200 SMEs participated in the field research from all participating cities across Mediterranean.

Socio-urban workshops were organized in four INNOMED UP cities. Partners from the University of Birzeit and the National Technical University of Athens targeted mainly architecture students and creative freelancers, while the NGO’s partners – Future Pioneers from Jordan and CRESM from Palermo, Italy – engaged mostly marginalized groups and especially women.

More than 200 participants attended the workshops, addressing cutting-edge topics, such as national policies and practices to be adopted or to be updated.

As far as the smart tools are concerned the design process for the smart bin was subjected to the requirements of an easy reproduction by all partners. All the instructions are available on the official website of the program.

Regarding the Smart Bike Application, an Android/IOS application able to provide quantitative information of the Smart Bin has been developed as an intermediate tool for sufficient communication.

Special training for Cultural Creative Industries SMEs was provided to enhance their capacity on Circular Economy and to offer benefits for their business. More than 1.000 people and 88 SMEs took part in the training seminars, gaining useful and innovative knowledge on cutting edge issues, such as 3D printing, digital design, circular practices and policies. Ιt is crucial for the project objectives to have the engagement of so many creative professionals bringing multiplier effects to urban centers for the future.