InnovAgroWoMed in Italy shares joint objectives with social cooperative, Fa bene Sicilia

Fa Bene Sicilia deals with fair trade as we monitor the environmental and social sustainability and each company’s ethical and legal outlook. At the same time, we pay attention to the quality of the product and suppliers’ process. We must recognise the importance of the agri-food sector as a strategic asset and a means to enhance the local economy. At the same time, we should always take care of and be attentive to the weaknesses of our communities.”, Daniela Avanzato, the president of Fa Bene Sicilia, talks about the strategic value of the agri-food sector and the need to create a network for our territories’ social and economic development.

Environmental sustainability, women's empowerment and enhancement of the agri-food sector can be the real drivers of development in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

InnovAgroWoMed, the EU financed project under the ENI CBC Med Programme, takes up this challenge and carries out actions aimed at strengthening women’s employment and the ability to do business in the agro-food sector.