InnovAgroWoMed in Palestine train 33 women on food processing


In the framework of the InnovAgroWoMed project, the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association- Asala is continuing the implementation of the training program entitled “Food Processing Training”.

The workshops took place with an average of 135 training hours for 33 Palestinian women.The training aims at providing participants with the necessary knowledge and hands-on skills in the areas of food safety and hygiene, food-processing, quality assurance, as well as packaging and labelling of the final products that meet certain standards.  In addition, the training will include improving participants’ skills in food production and processing for several food products including dried vegetables, fruits, tomato paste and pickles.

The training will continue until the end of December 2021 tackling different theoretical and practical areas of food processing and production, to ensure that women participants are equipped with the needed knowledge and technical skills to produce final products according to specific standards in terms of food packaging and production.

This training is one of the most beneficial and informative trainings I participated in, it has provided me with the knowledge and skills on food processing, it also walked me through all the stages and processes of food production from the beginning until the end, as well as the criteria I need to consider.  

Zainab Ghazawneh, one of the InnovAgroWoMed training participants

Merna Ziadeh (Asala’s program manager) indicated that this training program “came as a response to the needs of women entrepreneurs targeted in the agri-food sector, who seek to establish and grow their own businesses in this field”. 

Asala will carry on with the implementation of the training program with the aim of increasing women’s participation in the labour force and promoting entrepreneurship in Palestine by enhancing women’s capabilities in the agri-food sector. Asala will continue providing further training courses to help women participants establish and grow their businesses, including trainings in dairy production, digital empowerment, and sustainability training.

InnovAgroWoMed is a project co-financed by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme. It is implemented in Spain by JOVESOLIDES; in Italy by CESIE; in Tunisia by CAWTAR and in Palestine by ASALA. For further information, visit our facebook page.