InnovAgroWoMed: The review of an intense and challenging first year


The InnovAgroWoMed project is about to close its first year in a few weeks. A year like no other, strongly marked by the covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has had a huge impact on all aspects of daily life, and also on the daily life of the project. A follow-up and debriefing meeting was necessary to properly evaluate what has been done despite the health context and to be well prepared and projected into the near future.

In fact, a meeting of the InnovAgroWoMed project coordinators as well representatives of its research and communication teams was held online on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, to follow up on the expenses of the first year of the project and to prepare for the elaboration of the interim report, monitor the achievement of the outputs planned for the first year, particularly with regard to communication and research work, as well as to discuss new project management and visibility tools to best carry out InnovAgroWoMed regardless of the evolution of the health context, which undoubtedly has many repercussions on almost all professional activities.

The outputs of the first year will soon be made public and the project's backstage will soon be less crowded. Looking forward to the practical implementation, and to the field!