InnovAgroWoMed in Spain awards 6 women entrepreneurs a €7,500 subgrant in the agri food sector


On September 19th, the meeting of the InnovAgroWoMed Subgrants Selection Committee was held by Jovesólides, Spanish partner of InnovAgroWoMed, which is aimed at women with entrepreneurship projects in the agri-food sector. 

Six subgrants have been awarded to women entrepreneurs that live in the Valencian Community with an ammount of €7,500 to invest in their entrepreneurial proposals. Some projects already underway and others about to start.

Jovesólides has assembled an independent Selection Committee for the selection process of the proposals made up of professionals with diverse profiles, all of them linked to the entrepreneurship and agri-food sector. They are namely:


  • Ángela Pérez, CEO of the company IMEGEN and current president of BIOVAL, a cluster of BIO companies in the Valencian Community; 
  • Diana Barranco, senior entrepreneurship technician at Valencia Activa
  • Ramón Ferrandis, CEO of CEEI Valencia
  • Juan Viesca, the director of European funds of FINNOVA,; 
  • Elisa Plumed, journalist specialized in food and agriculture

After examinating the submitted applications, and following the specific evaluation criteria of the call, the commission decided to award the 6 subgrants within a financial support of €7,500, to the following women entrepreneurs:

●    Gabrielle Anne Livia Carvin - project de Cervecería artesana y ecológica L’Audaç - La Somniada
●    Isabel Tomás - project Agrotransición
●    Ana Climent Ortiz - project Ca Climent
●    Davinia González Lahoz - project Davicultora
●    Tatiana Gisela Bagnis - project Emprenderse
●    Andrea Santamaría Sancho - project Alzisan cultivos

The purpose of these grants is to provide economic resources to women entrepreneurs, or those who intend to start their business, in order to overcome the initial economic barrier faced by many of them. 

InnovAgroWoMed seeks to support and stimulate the employability of women in the agri-food sector, specifically in territories of the Euro-Mediterranean basin.