InnovAgroWoMed-Spain: Call for participation for a rich and consistent training program


Jovesólides, executive partner of the InnovAgroWoMed project in Spain, is launching a call for participation for women from the Valencian Community interested in benefiting from a rich and consistent training program that will take place from May 14, 2021 to January 31, 2022. 

The ultimate goal of this program is to stimulate the employability of these women and strengthen their entrepreneurial spirit in the agri-food sector.

The call for participation below contains all the information you need, such as the background, the modules of the training program, the eligibility criteria and the way to participate.

This call for applications is available in Spanish, through this link

Are you unemployed and looking to cultivate new opportunities for the future? Do you have experience or are you interested in the agri-food sector? Do you have a brilliant idea for entrepreneurship in the agro-ecological field? Do you want to learn how to become an entrepreneur? The 'Seeds' program is tailor-made for you. The ultimate goal: to stimulate your employability in the agri-food sector and your entrepreneurial spirit.

The last year has been very complicated and perhaps for you it has been especially difficult in the work environment. In the last few months you have become increasingly worried about the economy and the future. You may be worried about staying unemployed for a long time, or about not being able to move forward with a business idea that you were thinking about before the pandemic hit. You may be a woman who is a little hesitant to venture into a new sector, but it is an option that you value in order to move forward. Or you may have been working in the agroecological sector for years, but you are looking for more stable employment and recognition. 

If you identify with any of these situations, the InnovAgroWoMed project and the 'Seeds' program are of interest to you to achieve your goals.

The free training program will be in blended learning format and will take place from May 7, 2021 to January 31, 2022. The face-to-face classes will take place in the city of Valencia. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • A winter camp in Sicily, a space for exchange and work with women from different areas of the Mediterranean.
  • A personalized mentoring and coaching program.
  • A 3-month program of internships in entities of the sector, or workshops for the implementation of a business idea.
  • Workshops for the development of social entrepreneurship.
  • An agro-employment forum in which to make contact with relevant actors in the agro-ecological sector.
  • A scholarship program of up to 15,000 euros in total for entrepreneurship ( will be subjected to an open competition).

If you are finally selected to participate in the program, you will be provided with educational material created by experts in the sector. You will also receive a free laptop in order to combat the potential digital divide. And finally, you will receive a certificate of completion of the program.

Who can participate?

This training is aimed at 35 women from the Valencian Community. You must be between 18 and 45 years old and be unemployed. It will be positively valued, although it will not be decisive, to have higher education, experience in the sector, initiative when it comes to entrepreneurship and knowledge in ICT.

Training program and modules:

These are the training modules, a total of 640 hours:

  • MODULE 1 - Social innovation in the agro-ecological sector.
  • MODULE 2 - Sustainability and the agro-ecological sector
  • MODULE 3 - Business and entrepreneurship skills
  • MODULE 4 - Digital skills applied to the agroecological sector
  • MODULE 5 - Equity and community empowerment
  • MODULE 6 - Theoretical-practical training in the agroecological sector

Here you can consult the complete program

If you are interested in being part of the InnovAgroWoMed and 'Seeds' program, you can now register in this form   to participate in the selection process.

The deadline for registration is May 10

This training program is carried out in the framework of the InnovAgroWoMed project funded at 87% by the European Union through ENI CBC Med program, which is implemented by the University of Rome Tor Vergata UTV and CESIE, from Italy, CAWTAR, from Tunisia, ASALA, from Palestine and the Jovesólides association, from Spain.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page InnovAgroWoMed ENI CBC Med Program.