InnovAgroWoMed in Tunisia: two subgrantee´s women take part in a training in the fisheries sector

Photo of ATDEPA - FISH MED NET Project - ENI CBC Med Program

Latifa Yahya and Ibtissem Karrab, beneficiaries of the Innovagrowomed project, in the governorate of Medenine in Tunisia, who received a subgrant to launch their project in the valorization of fishery products, participated in January 2023 in a training session on public-private partnership in the artisanal fisheries and aquaculture sector organized within the framework of the FISH MED NET project, also funded by the ENI CBC Med program. 

This training allowed our two beneficiaries to further strengthen their capacities beyond the knowledge and skills they acquired during the 600 hours of InnovAgroWoMed training, in order to better manage their newly launched activities. 

Their participation also allowed us to establish a first contact and an effective cooperation and  synergy with FISH MED NET project, which has well received and accompanied our beneficiaries. The two projects will further refine the collaboration in the upcoming days.