INTERNISA Palestinian partner organized a workshop for policy makers about reducing gender gap in the labour market


Action Aid Palestine (AAP), the Palestinian partner of INTERNISA, has organized and implemented a 2-day workshop entitled “Responsibility of Decision-makers for Developing Policies for Bridging the gender digital gap and Promoting Equal Opportunities and Participation of Women in the labour market” It was held at the Smart College for Modern Education, in Hebron, on the 9th and 10th of July 2023.

During this two-day workshop, which was addressed to the representatives of the public sector, policymakers, and some local community leaders,  objectives and results of the INTERNISA project, its web portal ( and its mobile application for women (My INTERNISA),  as well as its offline spot and Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) were presented, while paying attention to highlighting the importance of digital skills for young women as a mean for entering labour market.

The participants were the representatives of government ministries, community and academic institutions based in the governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem participated in this workshop, including the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labor, Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine Ahliya University, and representatives of civil institutions in Hebron, in addition to a number of young men and women.

This workshop aimed to discuss the current policies and practices related to women's digital skills and their relevance to the labour market, as well as the digital gender gap in the labour market. The workshop also sought to increase networking between relevant institutions and stakeholders so that they could exchange experiences and knowledge in this field. Furthermore, it was discussed how to develop policies to bridge the digital gender gap and improve existing policies to enhance women's access to the labour market and increase their economic participation.

The participants had an open discussion about the gender gaps in society and the workplace, the importance of networking and collaboration to address gender gaps best practices and challenges in addressing gender differences in the workplace, and the importance of networking and collaboration in removing gender gaps. This came up with the conclusion to be sent to the governmental organizations.