INVESTMED makes strides in creating new, sustainable business opportunities for young people and women in the South Mediterranean


The 4th Steering Committee of the EU-funded INVESTMED project was held on Thursday 26th May 2022, in a hybrid format in Barcelona and online. 

Project partners gathered to review the progress achieved so far, and agree steps forward to continue momentum to achieving overall goals. 

The meeting was opened by Vincent Ernoux, Coordinator of the ENI CBC Med Programme, which provides funding to INVESTMED. He commended the consortium on their strong cooperation across both shores of the Mediterranean, and noted the positive steps that have been made to support new, sustainable business opportunities for young people and women in the South Mediterranean.

The Sustainable Business Management training course continues to move forward, with 6 cycles of trainees successfully graduated each in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, and the inauguration of the 7th cycles underway. A programme of seminars is being delivered alongside the training academy to complement the topics covered, bringing experts and entrepreneurs from a range of relevant sectors to share real-life experiences and success stories from across the region.

Calls for sub-grants for Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) were opened last year and applications are under evaluation. BSOs and MSMEs in each of the target countries will be selected to receive financing to implement incubation programmes, and launch or expand businesses in the green economy, blue economy, and cultural and creative industries; part of this selection process will involve local pitch sessions in each country, starting with Lebanon in June.  

Further progress that was discussed includes the production of an Intellectual Property Rights Guidebook specifically for Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, available in English, French and Arabic. In the upcoming months, awareness campaigns and events will be designed and launched to ensure the maximum possible dissemination of this information and its value for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Looking forwards, partners began to discuss collaboration over events to kick-off the sub-granted projects, as well as advocacy and policy events scheduled to take place in the next months. There was renewed commitment from all present to work together towards sustainable business and economic growth and development in the Southern Mediterranean, with a special focus on young people and women.