The Italian partner of the TEC-MED project reaches an important milestone, starting the training of its training agents

Unicamillus International University

In March 2022 UniCamillus International Medical University in Rome is going to start the training work for the agents involved in the implementation of the TEC-MED Model in Italy. 8 local agents in Italy will be trained to work on the TEC-MED model and operationalize the action plan, with the support of a Social Cooperative named Domicilia.

TEC-MED Project is funded by the EU and it is developing an innovative and cost-effective socio-ethical care intervention framework that will improve and adapt social care policies tackling the phenomenon of the aging population.

As Italian Partner, UniCamillus will train the agents on two main activities concerning ​​dependent elderly people and their caregivers: 

• how to collect data through the use of validated cards/questionnaires and scales;

• how to implement the action plan and use the TEC-MED platform (platform in which the user’s data will be inserted).

Each agent will spend 1 hour at the home/residence of the elder or the caregiver. The individual action plan will be carried out according to data collected during the assessment. The intervention will be suggested by the agent to the elderly person and/or to the caregiver and will be educational on some specific issues (e.g. improvement of the self-care, empowerment of the elderly person or the caregiver, use or activation of existing services, enhancement of socialization, responsibility of the caregiver towards the elderly). A total of 4.700 dependent elderly people/caregivers will be visited by all agents.


The training starting on 21st March 2022 will be structured into 9 sessions planned over a total of 3 weeks (20 hours):

• Session 1 - Getting to know the TEC-MED Project.

• Session 2 - Model Action Plan.

• Session 3 - Capacity building plan.

• Session 4 - TEC-MED Project tools and scales - part 1.

• Session 5 - TEC-MED Project tools and scales - part 2.

• Session 6 - Managing the TEC-MED platform.

• Session 7 - Managing the Care Platform.

• Session 8 - Protocol, route of the elderly person, and Intervention Plan.

• Session 9 - Debriefing.


The TEC-MED Project reaches an important milestone in Italy as it contributes to reducing the marginalization of elderly people and improving the quality of social services provided to them.