Italy: Civitavecchia Port Logistic Community highlights opportunities for young people created by the YEP MED project


The third official meeting of the Italian stakeholders of the YEP MED project, financed by the European ENI CBC Med Programme, took place on the 2nd of August following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that sanctioned the creation of the Port Logistics Community of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta (PLC) in Italy.

During the meeting, the various project steps that await the port community in the coming months were summarized. The President of the Port Authorty of Civitavecchia Pino Musolino, explained: "Thanks to the commitment of all the project partners and the involvement and participation of the port community, we are enthusiastically moving in the right direction.  For the development of the port, its businesses and the whole territory, the key word today is innovation, and this can be done by helping develop, through training, the professionalism and skills of each individual port operator. Today more than ever, it is essential to keep up with the evolution imposed by shipping and logistics and by increasingly computerised and digitalised processes.” He further added: “Because of Covid, we had to redirect the YEP MED project towards innovative methods and therefore towards a modality called ‘simulated enterprises’, thanks to which in the coming months young people involved, with the help of a tool called developed by Click&Cargo, will be catapulted into the company experience, experimenting with various business practices.” Musolino completed his presentation of the Civitavecchia port’s project accomplishments by stating that in the autumn a new calendar of 'occupational training' courses will be presented, lasting 200 hours, in which the young trainees will participate in apprenticeship schemes with companies in the local logistics and port sector. “I would like to thank these companies because they have shown and are showing increasing interest and attention in a project that will contribute to improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the Ports of Rome and Lazio and of the entire port cluster". 

The main objective of YEP MED is the development and economic growth of constantly evolving sectors, such as logistics and intermodality. It aims to do so through highly specialised professional training courses involving countries from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean, represented by the port authorities of Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Marseille, Valencia, Tunis, Damietta and Aqaba, as well as the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and the Escola Europea - Intermodal Transport, the protagonists, together with the AdSP of the Central-Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, of the European project.