Join the MedBEESinessHubs Final Conference and celebrate with us

We have stated this many times: our project is so much more than just the honey.

The MedBEESinessHubs project has been a visionary undertaking, driven by the shared objective of contributing to the development of an actual Mediterranean BEE-economy. Across five countries, this initiative has united diverse clusters with the common goal of transcending conventional honey production and venturing into a wide spectrum of related products and services, including cosmetics, handcrafting souvenirs, and the promotion of "bee-tourism."

Throughout this transformative journey, the MedBEESinessHubs project has successfully fostered cross-border collaborations, leading to the creation of new products and the establishment of a sustainable network. The impacts of this endeavor extend beyond economic growth, as it also contributes to the revival of the essential bee population within their natural habitats.

The Final Event shall be a moment of celebration and reflection, as we gather to applaud the remarkable achievements of the MedBEESinessHubs project and chart a course for its continued success. This distinguished occasion will provide you with an opportunity to: Commemorate the accomplishments of the young entrepreneurs and innovators who have flourished under the project's subgrants, Acquire insights into the diverse range of bee- related products and sustainable practices that have emerged through this initiative.

Join us and celebrate with us!

The Final Conference will take place on September 15th in Cagliari, Sa Manifatura - Viale Regina Margherita, 33, 09125 Cagliari during the hours 09:30 - 14:30 ( 

If you cannot make it in physical presence, no worries; the conference will be broadcasted live on Facebook and on Zoom.

The language of the Conference is English, with simultaneous interpretation in Italian and Arabic.

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